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Mesin folder LMF Folder LMF 33

Rp. 100
Last Updated
15 Nov 2023
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Minimum Order
1 Unit
Fast Accurate Easy to operate and maintenance
Two Primary Fold+Three Crossfolds

LMF series multifunction automatic folder is designed by Shanghai Laundrymate Machinery Co.,ltd. It is faster easier and more accurate.
LMF series multifunction automatic folder has two primary Fold and three Crossfolds function. It is designed for the high speed folding ,crossfolding, and stacking of sheets , pillowcases , tablecloths , napkins and other flatwork items . A wide variety of modes and options are available for use in applications ranging from high production plants with multiple feeder/ironer/folder lines to on premise institutional and hotel laundries where reliability , precise folds , and efficient use of floor space are essential requirements.
The touch screen and PLC are used on LMF series folder . It makes LMF the most advanced electronically controlled folder available , yet on which is simple for operators and maintenance staff to understand and use . It’s design features a common-sense layout and excellent service access to all of LMF’s high quality heavy-duty components.

Product Feature:
• Folds linen up to 3300mm wide

• Available in one or two lane models

• Automatic lane selection by size of item

• Automatically selects correct number of primary folds and crossfolds by item size
• Full bypass capability to convey items through system without folding

• Pushbutton variable speed can reach 60m/min to match feeder/ironer speed

• Advances electronics analyze size and compute folds without need for mechanical

• With a function of refusing to fold , if overlength or overwidth to avoid cloth jam.
• Extra wide of first crossfold entrance easily to adapt more linen.
• First crossfold elastic roll for ease of access and maintenance
• Import clutch made stop a more accurate,the maximum crossfold size is 840mm
• Independent first crossfold drive runs only when necessary for less component wear

• START/STOP button pauses and restarts operation without interrupting folds in progress.

• Unique multi position light-activated into cloth can intelligent correction linen deviation

• Automatic alarm and stop at the first crossfold stuck linen.

• Jog reverse for ease of operation and maintenance.

• All measurements made by photosensor with LED indicator

• Heavy duty V belt and chain drive.

• 24 volt control circuitry
• Full safety guards,interlocks,and stop buttons

• Individual air pressure regulators with gauge and auto-drain feature.

• Quick disconnect air connection
• Three way to remove electrostatic structure.

• Three conveyor reverse electrostatic technology

• Powered static eliminator bar

• Earth terminal effectively avoid the interference
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